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HAL-ENAC enables the archiving and viewing of ENAC’s scientific publications and aims to:

  • Promote the scientific results and publications of the ENAC research community

  • Enhance the visibility and renown of ENAC’s researchers and their scientific works on national and international networks

  • Ensure the long term preservation of stored data

  • Contribute to the development of open access to scientific information


Laboratories :


LEEA – Aviation Economics and Econometrics Laboratory


LII – Interactive Computing Laboratory

MAIAA - Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Automatics for Air Transport Laboratory

 - MAIAA-AUTO : Automatics Group

- MAIAA-OPTIM : Optimization Group

- MAIAA-PROBA : Probability and Statistics Group


TELECOM - Telecommunications Laboratory

 - TELECOM-EMA : Electromagnetics and Antennas Group

- TELECOM-RESCO : Data Communications Networks Group

- TELECOM-SIGNAV : Signal Processing and Navigation Group


Cross domains :

 DD - Air Transport Sustainable Growth

DRONES - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

IHM - Aeronautical Computer Human Interactions



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